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IVOA 2024

IVOA 2024

Sunday 19th - Friday 24th May
The IVOA May 2024 Interoperability Meeting will be organised by Australian Astronomical Optics and held at Macquarie University Wallumattagal Campus (the main campus), located 15 kilometres from Sydney's city centre, in one of the largest business and technology precincts in the Southern Hemisphere.
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Meeting Schedule

The Interoperability meeting will take place from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM in Sydney time (AEST). Please adjust your schedule accordingly based on your respective time zone. In addition to this meeting, we will be running a targeted meeting on 16 and 17 May for the IVOA Protocol Transitioning Tiger team. An extra day (18 May) is included in the schedule for supplementary meetings.

The meeting schedule will be made up of sessions of the IVOA Working Groups (WG) and Interest Groups (IG). Furthermore, we anticipate hosting public talks and facilitating contributions organized within the Working Groups/Interest Groups during this meeting. The Interop Programe will be made up of sessions managed by the IVOA Working Groups (WG) and Interest Groups (IG). Closed session TCG and Exec meetings will be scheduled at the same venue.

The IVOA 2024 will be a hybrid conference, integrating Zoom to cater to both online and in-person attendees effectively. Through Zoom, remote participants gain access to sessions, interact with speakers via chat, and engage in discussions seamlessly. Simultaneously, the recording feature ensures that all talks are preserved for later viewing, benefiting those physically present who might miss certain sessions or wish to revisit content. This dual approach offers flexibility, enabling attendees to actively participate or catch up on missed sessions, fostering a more inclusive and accommodating conference experience for all involved, irrespective of their location or attendance mode.


  • Simon O'Toole (AAO MQ)
  • Nuria Lorente (AAO MQ)
  • Amir Ebadati Bazkiaei (AAO MQ)
  • David Clarke (AAO MQ)
  • James Coulson (AAO MQ)
  • Elizabeth Davies (AAO MQ)
  • Mrunmayi Deshpande (AAO MQ)
  • Brent Miszalski (AAO MQ)
  • Arianna Ranabhat (AAO MQ)
  • Kate Sheng (AAO MQ)
  • James Tocknell (AAO MQ)
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