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Our Approach

Adaptable. Flexible.

The foundation of the RDS software team is built upon over 40 years of supporting astronomical observatories in Australia. This software development experience ranges from controlling telescopes and their instruments, to building data reduction pipelines, to developing and implementing tools that store, manage and analyse data. 

In modern software teams, development runs alongside operations in a seamless fashion – the so-called DevOps approach – and the RDS team is no exception.

Our skills and experience cover the full spectrum from software development, to testing and deployment, to IT systems administration. In the spirit of the Agile Manifesto, we value interactions with people and a collaborative approach to working with clients. Our team engages comfortably with everyone we work with; we are not only responsive to change, but proactively aim to drive positive change.

Research Expertise

One of our key strengths is our research focus. Innovative software is not developed in isolation, but is informed by research needs unpinned by the latest technologies.

The RDS team combines advanced software methodologies with research expertise; many team members have a strong astronomical postgraduate background. Our team has a wealth of experience and expertise in processing and analysing scientific data.


Years of

The RDS team aims to be at the forefront of research software and data engineering. We look for the best technology to solve a problem, but at the same time realise that software is not innovative or useful if it cannot be maintained, extended or scaled. We appreciate the benefits that a holistic view of a software ecosystem can bring, but also recognise that a “deep dive” might be necessary to solve a complex problem. And while our historical strength has an astronomical flavour, our skills and expertise are increasingly recognised across research disciplines.

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