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We work with research teams to provide professional software solutions to complex problems.

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Our Services

RDS comprises a diverse team of specialists with a wealth of experience across the digital spectrum, enabling us to create richer, smarter solutions.
With expertise in many languages and paradigms, we create software that's built to last.

Astronomical Pipelines

Instrument Control

Data Hosting & Storage

Web & Mobile App Development

Web Presence

Data Analytics

Software Development

UX/UI Design


Australian-based Infrastructure

Our specialty is providing complete software solutions to difficult problems. Our computing expertise is supported by professional project management and network engineering, along with dedicated on-site servers and hardware.

On-site hardware

We offer Australian-based hosting on high-performance hardware for all our services, ensuring lightning-fast response times to access your data.


Software development runs alongside operations in a seamless fashion; our skills and experience cover the full spectrum from development, to testing and deployment, to IT systems administration.

Network Engineering

Our experienced and dedicated networking team work hard to prevent, detect and monitor intrusions and other threats, ensuring the usability and integrity of our network, and your data.

Platforms & Tools

We're passionate about serving the research community. We've built platforms and services to facilitate, support and enhance scientific discovery.

Data Central

Data Central brings together an array of heterogenous astronomical data in one accessible, feature-rich data portal, maximising the scientific return on Australian optical datasets of national significance.

AAT Archive

The AAT Archive is an ongoing service to provide online access to the data observed to-date on the Anglo-Australian Telescope.

DC Teams

Running an international research team is challenging. Keeping track of all the conversations, internal documents, emails, not to mention sharing large data files, can lead to mistakes and a slower output. DC-Teams is a single ecosystem of integrated online tools for keeping research teams efficient and organised. For teams of 1-100+, DC-Teams is highly flexible, adaptable, and scalable for everyone.

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