What we do

We are an experienced, diverse, high-velocity set of teams working within a matrix environment. We adopt agile methodologies and software best practice throughout the entire project lifecycle.

The changing landscape in Australian astronomy has lead to the broader RDS team exploring and developing opportunities globally to provide astronomical software services and full life cycle data management services in order to develop a sustainable team environment.

Software services offered

  • Design and develop astronomical data reduction algorithms and software
  • Design and develop astronomical instrumentation control software
  • Design and develop telescope control software
  • Design and develop astronomical user software
  • Design and develop bespoke software solutions for research teams

Data services offered

  • Full life-cycle data management for:
    • Survey teams
    • Astronomical instruments
    • Observatories
  • Research team facilitation software

Current Projects

Some of our projects include:

Contact us

Are you interested in working with us? Contact the following people:

Head of Research Data & Software
Katrina Sealey
Head of Research Software
Nuria Lorente
Head of Research Data/IT
Simon O'Toole

Who we are

Katrina Sealey
Head of Research Data & Software
Simon O'Toole
Head of Data/IT
Nuria Lorente
Head of Software
Tony Farrell
Technical Software Lead
Norrie Bennie
Specialist Research Systems Engineer
Mike Birchall
Research Software Engineer
Aidan Farrell
Research Software Engineer
Nuwanthika Fernando
Research Software Engineer
Garry Kitley
Research Systems Engineer
Liz Mannering
Research Software Engineer
James Tocknell
Research Software Engineer
Minh Vuong
Research Software Engineer