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Field Acquired Information Management Systems

The FAIMS Mobile Platform is open-source software for offline data collection on an Android device. FAIMS stands for Field Acquired Information Management Systems. The platform was established by archaeologists in 2012 to support the capture and management of digital field data in difficult terrain. It is now used by researchers from many fields in diverse situations.

FAIMS is for any and all researchers committed to collecting FAIR data that suits their needs in wholly reusable ways. Fieldwork is time consuming and the data collected is in high demand. It is easier to share when it has been collected digitally, customised to a user’s needs in a single workflow, and analysed in a shared platform.


Archaeological Research Community


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The FAIMS 3.0 Project is rebuilding the FAIMS Mobile app from the ground up. We are working with developers at Australian Astronomical Optics Macquarie (AAO) to customise our software stack to enable cross-platform data collection (Android, iOS and desktop), more flexible synchronisation, integration with other platforms, a DIY option for customisation, and a sleek new look.

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